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80's Pirate Radio Stations

W.A.P.S. - 91.2 MHz. FM Stereo.

After the disappointment from Radio Sjuul I had set my goal on W.A.P.S. (Wave Amsterdam Power Sound) 91.2 MHz and applied there and got hired.

W.A.P.S. was one of the craziest stations around, with programs like Whipp Express by Barry Pitch and Edit den Doosch and the extreme mixes of Eugene de Bruin.

W.A.P.S was one of the few stations that had female DJ's (DiDi and Edit) Many of the W.A.P.S. DJ's were also playing at the hottest club in town "The Flora Palace".

W.A.P.S. started out at the end of '81 in Amsterdam, in 1983 they began transmitting on the 91,2 MHz.
The station quickly gained popularity because of the Import music and the crazy DJ's like Barry Pitch, Rob Sint Johan, Paul van Dam, Han Vermeulen, Danny van Leeuwen, and Edit den Doosch.

I started out with a night program on Saturday’s from 10 till 12 P.M. They had their studio on the Amstel and a few 100 meters further up the road the transmitter was set up.

Barry Pitch and Eugene de Bruin were the owners and they also played at The Flora Palace in the Amstelstraat so that was the place to go after my show’s on W.A.P.S.

Because the studio got known by to many people they had to move to a new location in the old Emma Kinder ziekenhuis on the Sarphatistraat. We had built a huge antenna (18 to 20 meters) there that sadly only lasted a few days before it was cut down by some guys from another radio station.

Because W.A.P.S. was trying to get a legal status they stopped their illegal transmissions somewhere in 1984.


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