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Satellite Empire

80's Pirate Radio Stations

Satellite Radio - 91.2 MHz. FM Stereo.

Satellite radio started in 1980 with a small transmitter on 91.2 MHz. in the J.M. Kemperstraat somewhere in Amsterdam.
With DJ's as Rocky van der Burg, Clyde Jones, Eugène de Bruin, Jimmy Moerlie, Roberto Miller.

Later a much higher antenna and a bigger transmitter were placed on de Wittenkade.
In the night the transmitter and frequency were shared with W.A.P.S.
(Wave Amsterdam Power Sound) with DJ's like Barry Pitch ( Jan Lochtenberg ) and Edit den Doosch with their famous program "Whipp Express".

The import records played on
Satellite Radio came from Rhythm Import in that period.

Satellite Empire - 104.8 MHz. FM Stereo

In 1982 Satellite was restarted in Amsterdam and renamed to "Satellite Empire" on 104.8 FM.
In that period most FM radio
stations were transmitting from 89.00 MHz. till 100.00 MHz. FM, but Satellite Empire choose to transmit on a completely free frequency.

It was the first radio station that broadcasted heavy funk tracks, including P-funk (Parliament, Funkadelic, Bootsy Collins, George Clinton) and C-funk (The Cameo sound).
Besides funk, dance was the other direction.
Satellite Empire was not afraid to broadcast the latest disco, dance and funk 12" singles and were not influenced by any chart.

Some DJ's on
Satellite Empire were "Sugarfly", Bobby Broom, "All Star Fresh", Pablo La Costa, Dick "Spacey" Macey, Murphy Dekker, Glenn Smith, Mark Brown, Roberto Miller and more......

The popularity of Satellite Empire was at his maximum when they put their transmitter on
a tower, of approximately 90 meters, on the Telegraaf building right in the heart of Amsterdam.
If you look at the picture of the Telegraaf building you can see that it looks a little bit like the Empire State building.
Now you know how they
came up with the name "Satellite Empire".

Now it was possible to listen to

Satellite Empire 24 hours a day throughout The Netherlands.

The first legendary rap commercial " Go to Attalos cause he's the record boss" is something that a lot of listeners from that period still remember.
Also all the other legendary jingles: "Back in town to funk on down", "The Empire strikes back" and the "Ton sur Ton" rap commercial.

Roberto Miller and Mark Brown made this jingles and rap's.

The Attalos top 50 and the Attalos rap were a huge success and a lot of club hits were born at this legendary funk & dance radio station. The top of the hour was followed by the "Funksensation"

Satellite Empire Disco Action - 90.5 MHz. FM Stereo

A few years later they fused with Disco Action, another famous dance station in Amsterdam.
The fusion with Disco Action lead to a new name: Satellite Empire Disco Action.

In 1985 they tried to be successful for one more time and searched for another location for putting their transmitter.
The result you can see on the picture and newspaper article below. It was a 180 meter high tower.
It took months of preparation to install the transmitter, also it was a highly secured area where the Mobil oil was located.

With a helicopter the transmitter was finally located after some time.
They tried it a second time but finally this was the end of Satellite Empire Disco Action.


26 July 1985 
Pirate Satellite Empire removed from tower again. 

From our reporters AMSTERDAM, tuesday.

Yesterday morning the Division Telecom has removed the transmitter of Satellite Empire with the help of a helicopter. The pirate station was transmitting from a 180 meters high chimney on the Mobil Oil terrain in Sloterdijk (see picture).

At first it was impossible to track down the transmitter because the signal got stronger in south-eastern direction of Amsterdam. This brought the Division Telecom officials on a dead track.
The transmitter was so strong that it could be listened to far across the Dutch borders according to an Division Telecom official.
Mobile Oil didn’t want to comment on how it was possible to enter a high security terrain and tower unseen.

Earlier a powerful transmitter was removed from the monumental ex-Telegraaf building at the Nieuwezijdsvoorburgwal. Apparently this tower wasn’t high enough for Satellite Empire.

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