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Radio Studio Action

80's Pirate Radio Stations

Radio Studio Action - 93.8 MHz. FM Stereo.

One day I came across Radio Studio Action 93.8 MHz and always listened to the amount of fun the DJ’s were having.

Radio Studio Action wasn’t one of the most professional stations around…but man….did they have fun……this fun intrigued me and I applied with a demo tape.
Afterwards I heard from Ton Hendriks, the owner, that I was the first and only one who ever did send in a demo tape.
I got hired and had the time of my life there.

People could come over to the studio at the van Rensselaerstraat if they wanted, there were roof parties in the summer and every half hour there was the famous “Phone Inn”.

At one point we even got an empty store at the van Rensselaerstraat in which we built our studio and gave parties too.

The latest news about Ton Hendriks is that he passed away from cancer at the end of 2009.


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