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Radio Sjuul

80's Pirate Radio Stations

Radio Sjuul - 97.6 MHz. FM Stereo.

After a while I wanted something new and applied at one of the bigger stations in Amsterdam, Radio Sjuul 97.6 MHz and to my surprise I got hired there. I had to start from 06:00 to 09:00 in the morning and had to be in the studio on the de Da Costakade even earlier. After one program I knew that my roots were not with Radio Sjuul and I stop immediately.

(c) Richard Pflug - Amsterdam Radio Sjuul was the real criminal element
amongst the illegal stations in the Dutch capitol.
The owner (Jules Yie) of the station didn't hesitate for a second
to use violence to protect his station (and income from commercials).
The station broadcasted a disco format and was finally silenced in november 1987, when the government seized a number of stations
not in the first place because they transmitted illegally, but because on grounds that they were organizations with a criminal purpose. They were charged with amongst others forgery and tax evasion.


Amstelveen October 10 2003

Yesterday morning the 39 year old Jules Yie (DJ name Sjuul Bamie) was executed in Amstelveen together with his girlfriend. The car was fired upon and covered with bullets by two guys on a scooter.

Sjuul ran a radio station back in the eighties called “Radio Sjuul” on 97.7 MHz. FM in Amsterdam. Radio Sjuul was stationed just a few buildings away from Radio Decibel on the Da Costakade in Amsterdam.

Sjuul was known for his furious battle with the formal RCD on which he declared war, for which he got arrested numerous times.

Another piece of Amsterdam’s radio history has been gone with his execution.
Just like the owner of Einstein radio mister Hendriks, also known from an eighties pirate radio station, who got executed on the Spaarndammerdijk in Amsterdam.

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