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Radio M.O.B.B.A.

80's Pirate Radio Stations

M.O.B.B.A. - Radio Frisbee - Radio Achilles

At the age of thirteen I met Marcel (Boom) on the CB (27 MHz) and we became close friends.
Marcel owned a wireless microphone and we played around with that, playing music on my cassette recorder and holding the microphone next to it.

Only a few people could hear our first broadcasts but we had great fun. We called our station M.O.B.B.A. (Marcel, Oscar, Boom, Brown, Amsterdam) because we had named ourselves Marcel Boom and Oscar Brown ;-)

We changed names a few times from M.O.B.B.A. to Radio Frisbee, and Radio Achilles (because our studio was at the corner of the street called Achillesstraat and the van Tuyll van Serooskerkenweg)

After we got possessed with the radio virus we decided to buy a 5 WATT (Stentor) transmitter at Radio Lenssen in Amsterdam and hooked that up to a normal antenna which was placed on the roof of my parentís home in Amsterdam (van Tuyll van Serooskerkenweg)
Stentors were not really known for their stability but we enjoyed it and people started to listen to us around the neighborhood. We even got more DJís like Renť Sinnamon, Johnny Knight and Erik.

Because the Stentor wasnít really a great stable transmitter we decided to have one build by the transmitter builder from another station called Radio Calypso who was owned by the brother of a friend from school.

Radio Calypso only used very small transmitters because they broke in to the Amsterdam cable (KTA) which had their antennas set up on the Okura Hotel.

So we ended up with a custom build 1 WATT transmitter with which we tried to brake in on the KTA too but because the studio was too far away from the Okura Hotel that didnít work.


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