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Radio Disco Action

80's Pirate Radio Stations

Radio Disco Action - 90.5 MHz. FM Stereo.

My musical taste began to change to American Import, Soul, Funk and Disco.
So I started to listen to Radio Disco Action on 90.5 MHz.

After some time I decided to try to get a DJ position there, I applied, came over to the studio in the Weissenbruchstraat to make a demo tape and got hired.

I can still remember my first program on R.D.A., it was on a Saturday morning from 10 till 12 A.M. and I was still called Oscar Brown then.
When my program ended, the well known Benny Brown should start his show at 12 but he didn’t show up.
……afterwards I got the reason why…..he thought I stole his last name Brown and he didn’t like that.

So that was the day my name changed from Oscar Brown to Oscar Davis, a name I still use today. A nice anecdote is that I got the name Davis from just opening the Amsterdam Phonebook and selection the first name I came across.

Because the studio got more known to people R.D.A. had to move to a new location and we moved to the Spaarndammerdijk to a huge studio on the 4th floor of an apartments building.

Some popular DJ's on Disco Action were John Henry, Benny Brown, Mike Diamond (the voice), Ricardo, Papa Lody, Marcel Boom, Ron van Dijk, Steve, Choukri, Lionel Williams and Oscar Davis.


Letter from Benny Brown about the founding and startup of R.D.A.

June 25th 1981 was and will remain a memorable day. John Henry a friend (A.D.) and a technician (L.T.) came up with the idea to start a pirate radiostation.
Their reason; because they liked the idea and "If they can, so can we".

As John Henry's brother I was against the development of this idea, mainly because there were many known cases where other radiostations were raided and their properties were seized.
At the time I was thinking like the protective brother who didn't want trouble in the family.

The first transmission caused a lot of commotion in the neighborhood because it took the RCD just a couple of hours to find the studio and seize all properties.

After this seizure, where the transmitter was also taken away, the founders could only lick their wounds and start all over.

The first transmission resulted in a lot of positive feedback, which really impressed me.

The signal of WDR1, the German radiostation transmitting on the Amsterdam Cable Network, was pushed

away by a stronger signal and from then on people could only listen to disco music on 98.4 FM.

Eventhough I wasn't one of the founders, I got involved with Radio Disco Action really early on.
My first transmission was, as the case with many other DJ's, a trainwreck!
The reason was that I was very nervous about a possible raid... "When will they arrive?"

Nonetheless the positive reactions kept coming in which motivated us to go for it, full-throttle.

I was always interested in music and this was a way to pursue my musical interest. A hobby which, as turned out later, was very costly!

Disco Action was a hit among the listeners who were looking for this specific music range. Other stations tried to copy our format to get a hold of these listeners, but Disco Action was very innovative and we kept changing the format; a Reggae program with Papa Lody, Non-stop mixes
by Frankie Smith and Mike Diamond, interviews with international artists and a show with only soulballads.
This was the main differantiator and the power of Disco Action.

Many of the old crew went in different directions and are very succesful in their own field.

John Henry now owns a private security company and Benny Brown is the driving force behind an internet radiostation and started his own management agency in 1997.

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