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80's Pirate Radio Stations

LaserFM - 95.8 MHz. FM Stereo.

The last time I was on air was on LaserFM end of 2002.

I was asked to join LaserFM by Berry de Bruin who I knew from back in 1985 and who I helped out setting up a radio station in Haarlem.

LaserFM transmitted (as one of the last pirate radio stations) on 95.8 MHz. FM Stereo and played Dance, Old School and R&B.

Some DJ's on LaserFM were Berry de Bruin, Mike Simbello,
Johan Starreveld and Olaf van Thoolen.

Because the studio in Amsterdam Noord was caught by the Division Telecom we had to move to the Overtoom. The risk of getting caught was much greater now we had to place the transmitter on a different location every weekend and had to remove it from there each Sunday again.

After a few months I couldn't find the time to stay with LaserFM and stopped January 2003.


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