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A.Q.S. Radio

80's Pirate Radio Stations

A.Q.S. Radio - 91.2 MHz. FM Stereo.

Finally I ended up owning my own 24 hour, 7 days a week radio station called A.Q.S. Radio (Amsterdam Quality Sound)

This Radio station was a joined venture between Radio Sequence and the old W.A.P.S. DJ's and lasted for almost two years.

Our transmitter was located at the best location you can imagine, in the middle of Amsterdam on the Single and we used a wireless connection from the studio so the studio wouldn’t get caught if the transmitter was taken out of air.

A.Q.S. Radio used to play American Import (now called Old School)
These records came from stores like Attalos Import Records and Rhythm Import.

Marcel Boom, Barry Pitch, Eugene de Bruin, Edit den Doosch, Han Vermeulen, Ivan de Wilde, Brian Johnson Brown, John de Meyer, Mike Diamond, All Star Fresh, Wilfred, Tony Clinton, Danny van Leeuwen, Rocky van den Burg, Marc Sanders and Oscar Davis were some of the DJ's which filled the legendary 91.2 MHz. every week with the best U.S.A. Import around.

After the first weekend in our new studio in the building of the Barbells Gym on the Eerste Weteringdwarsstraat all our records got stolen and we had to move the studio to a new location on the Molukkenstraat. A.Q.S. only lasted for a few weeks in this new studio because serious threats were made to my co-owner and this made him decided to stop with A.Q.S.

I wanted to continue A.Q.S. and we moved again, this time to the old R.D.A. studio on the Spaarndammerdijk. Unfortunately a few weeks after we moved in all our equipment got stolen again, but this time someone wrote down the license plate number of the car involved and we got all our things back.

So again we had to move to a new studio location, this time on the Solostraat. After many break-in's, where all the equipment got stolen and the last time we were taken out of the air by the R.C.D, I decided to stop my radio career (which later seemed to be just in time).

Less than six months after this, the raid on illegal radio stations started and people even got lifted out of their bed at home and the Dutch IRS filed a few claims for playing commercials and failing to pay any taxes.

Sadly these measures brought the Amsterdam pirate radio stations to a halt.


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